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2005-03-10, 07:42
I can answer a few of these.

1>There are two branches in the software, one for SB1 and another for SB2.
So both units should be supported although both units might not have the
same features.

2> My SB1 plays Live365 through the SPDIF connection so I'm not sure what
you mean.

3> The SB2 has a superior Burr Brown DAC compared to the Cyrus DAC on SB1

3?> SB2 can receive internet radio with no local server, SB1 cannot do this.

3??> Slim Devices has said no SB2 will be shipping until March 31st. There
are few local dealers and there will be a backlog on early orders, so the
chances of your friend being able to receive one in Kentucky by April 5th
are very slim.

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> I have a few questions which does not involve SqueezeNetworking.
> 1. Will be there be a difference between the Slimserver for
> SB1 and SB2 in future except for the SqueezeNetwork?
> 2. Will SB2 play for ex Live365 through SPDIF which is not
> possible with SB1?
> 3. Is the internal DAC different to SB1?
> 3. Will there be any advantage for SB2 to receive internet
> radio stations.
> In that case, in what way (variety, amount, quality etc)
> 3. I have a friend from Sweden going to Lexington Kentucky
> 17th mars until 5th April. Is it possible that he could bring
> a SB2 back to Sweden from a local dealer? In that case for
> 230-240 volt and European plugs.
> Kind Regards
> Tore
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> Yes! SqueezeNetwork!
> We're launching SqueezeNetwork along with Squeezebox2 to
> provide a SlimServer-in-the-sky and provide internet radio,
> alarm clock, RSS feeds, etc. while your home computer is
> turned off. You don't even need SlimServer installed at all.
> Just plug in, set up your networking and tune in. Access to
> Live365, Shoutcast, Radioio, the Internet Archive and more
> will be available for browsing.
> You'll also be able to add favorite stations, adjust your
> settings, etc
> by logging into the SqueezeNetwork web site. Down the road
> we hope to
> make the SqueezeNetwork the focal point of the community,
> it's where our forums, plug-ins, downloads, and wiki will
> live. We also plan on adding additional features to allow
> playlist sharing, music purchasing and let the community help
> build a great by adding features, etc.
> There's a bit more information available on our web site:
> <http://www.slimdevices.com/pi_overview.html> and
> <http://www.slimdevices.com/au_press_squeezenetwork.html>
> SqueezeNetwork will open up as a beta service when Squeezebox2 ships.
> Thanks,
> dean
> On Mar 9, 2005, at 11:25 AM, Steinar Bjaerum wrote:
> > If I have an URL of an MP3 radio stream (let's say a Norwegian radio
> > station) will it play back directly on SB2 without the need for
> > slimserver?
> > I.e. act as a standalone internet radio receiver?
> >
> > Steinar
> >
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