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Christian Pernegger
2005-03-10, 03:13
>- IBM PowerPC 405EP, 333MHz
>- 512KB Flash AMIC A29L040
>- ADMTek ADM6996L (Ethernet-Controller + 5Port Switch)
>- VIA VT6212 (4Port USB 2.0 Host Controller)
>- VIA VT82C686B Southbridge (IDE-Controller)
>- 128MB Standard PC133 SDRAM
>- Analog Devices AD1981B AC97 Audio-Controller
>- Mini-PCI Modul 802.11g Medion XG-601M
>- Samsung MP0804H HD
>- PLD Atmel ATF1502 (vermutlich zur Anbindung des Displays)
>- CD-Rom Drive Matsushita CW-8123-B

Somehow I feel this thread is going the way of a commercial. While it's
clear that having ripping and storage all in one box without having to power
up a computer has some appeal, ask yourself if you really want to rely on

- automated ripping

The only two pieces of software that can more or less guarantee bit-perfect
rips are EAC and, if you own a Plextor drive, Plextools Pro. The catch -
these are both for Windows. CDparanoia on Linux works as well, provided you
have a drive with no audio cache, which is rare these days. Maybe you could
telnet in and find out their ripping method, and maybe it's kosher but
that's way too many maybes in my book.

- closed storage

It seems the Hifidelio's disk is encrypted, meaning you can not by normal
means get your data out of there again. The whole point of ripping a CD is
only having to do it once.

So I, personally, wouldn't use it for ripping or for storage of my master
ripped files. For playback it's a fine piece of equipment I'm sure, but for
that we use a Squeezebox.


2006-03-03, 03:02
The Hifidelio disk is not encrypted - it is a regular Linux file system and all the tracks are stored in subdirectories of /audio/music with a directory per artist and then a subdirectory per album and then the actual tracks.

Out of the box this music directory is not accessible however you can use telnet to get onto the box and then just change the Samba config file to expose this directory. You can then access or backup your music files across the network.

- Simon.

2011-05-28, 05:31
Dear Simon (or anyone who knows about the Hifidelio)

I own a Hifidelio Pro-S. After 5 years the unit has stopped working the initial curtains don't open and then the unit freezez. I think the problem is the HDD - it clicks 10 times for 5 sets and then stops.

I would be most grateful if you (or anyone else) could introduce me to someone who could help me fix it.

Best regards