View Full Version : Slimserver 5.4.1 Red Hat probs

Richard Elen
2005-03-10, 02:36
> From: kdf <slim-mail (AT) deane-freeman (DOT) com>

> [5.4.1] fixes a lot of known issues with 5.4.0 without adding any of the new
> features found in 6.0. 5.4.1 is probably never going to see an official
> release, and is considered a dead end. 6.0 is a huge upgrade, in beta now with
> official release not far behind. Many plugin authors are already updating
> plugins for use with 6.0 since 5.4.1 is no longer seeing any development work.
> If you have no interest in new features, then 5.4.1 is your way to go as long as
> you are happy with its performance. Any fixes or problems are really only
> being considered in regard to 6.0 at this point.

I am actually very interested in the new features, although I'm
intending to wait for the new hardware to arrive, or at least an
official 6.x release version to support it, before installing it.

However, referring back to the list of issues I posted, are (were) any
of these issues 'known'? That's the real point here. If I know that
there are (were) issues with the 5.4.x software that would have
generated some or all of these results, I can stop looking for
misconfiguration at my end and know (hope) that they will be fixed in
the new version. However right now, I don't know whether my issues are
my problem or not.

If you go through my list and say, "these are all addressed in 6.x" then
I'll probably run it up straight away. But right now, apart from the
annoying startup failure problem and the problem with the two plugins,
it does its main job extremely well. Equally, if the problems are my
end, then installing 6.x may not remove them. So some advice would be
most helpful, even though I'm not on the bleeding edge at this moment
(though I'll go there if it helps).

--Richard E