View Full Version : SB2 and FLAC

Steinar Bjaerum
2005-03-09, 23:23
> I'm curious as to why you did this. I've also ripped my own collection
> to FLAC, but with one track per file.

There are several reasons why I went for one album per file.
- Bit-perfect backup of entire CD. Backup CD will be exactly equal to
original when it comes to gaps between tracks etc.
- There are fewer files to keep track of, and all tracks belonging to one
album are guaranteed to be gathered together.
- With a simple decoding to WAV+CUE the image can be mounted with
DaemonTools, and all applications deal with this as if the original CD is
inserted in the CD drive.
- With the WAV+CUE image mounted, you have full flexibility in ripping to
all types of lossy formats with full freedb support etc. This without
touching the original CD.

> What support is there in Slimserver/Squeezebox for cue points within a
> single large FLAC file? How do you easily play just one track on an album?

With embedded cuesheet and proper tagging, SB1 works (at least for my needs)
as if the tracks were encoded as separate files. Very neat.

Regarding my initial questions in this thread, I hope the reason for the
lack of response is because the answer is obvious.
And that the answer is:
Yes the native FLAC deconding in SB2 supports all the slimserver+SB1
functionality when it comes to internal cuesheets, tags etc.?