View Full Version : Slim Devices SB2 disappointment & SB for sale.

2005-03-09, 19:08
If the two devices are in the same backpack why on earth would you need
wireless or want the hassle?

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> Mitch Harding said:
> > If you chose to buy a Squeezebox, I assume it's because you
> thought it
> > would meet your needs. If you kept it past the 30 day period,
> > presumably that is because you were satisfied with the product. If
> > there were problems with the product that prevented your enjoyment,
> > you should have returned it.
> >
> My particular (and admitedly odd, but lets not get into that
> plz) need is for the SB to play a pcm stream without dropouts
> over wireless within the SAME BACKPACK as the notebook
> running slimserver. It does this most of the time; sometimes
> for a whole day's worth of listening (8+ hours). If the SB2
> (or some theoretical other product with the same features)
> had also been available, for say $350, I would have bought
> the SB, (since its cheaper and presumably does what I need)
> and, having experienced dropouts (they come in waves),
> exchanged it for the SB2. As it was, I kept it because it
> was just good enough and I didnt see another product that
> would fit my needs (at any price).
> My point is, its not as simple as Mitch makes it out to be.
> ~Michael