View Full Version : Slimserver on Hermstedt Hifidelio

Harald Walker
2005-03-09, 16:19
>What is Hifidelio ?
>CD-Player, MP3-Player, Server (Linux), WLan AP, Audio-Recorder, CD-Ripper,
>CD-Burner all built on Linux-Platform.
Do you know, what kind of hardware is being used inside? How is the
I am surprised, that they use a 2.5" notebook HD. The case should be
large enough for a normal HD.

Does the WLAN support WPA?

>All you need is one or more Squeezeboxes, the Hifidelio and nothing else for
>a running system.
The price is also acceptable. Instead one could buy a headless Mac Mini
but then you don't have the software, display and remote control.
Although it could be fun to build Mac Minis as pre-configured home
media servers.