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2005-03-09, 10:43
>>>> jasonbigham (AT) gmail (DOT) com 03/09/05 10:46 AM >>>
>> Show some initiative ;-)
>> http://www.geekmods.com/slimp3/g2/index.htm
> Jason,
> Any thoughts on doing another mod like this? I've got
> an old (almost 2 years old!) CD player that I have
> completely gutted and would love to put the innards
> of a SB2 in, but the stumbling block has always been
> the front. Do you know of any places that will custom
> make a front panel similar to the one you've made
> (except in black)? Do you have any of the extras
> left over from your small production run?

T'aint nothing to do with me, but I happened to be browsing here the other

which has a reference to place that does this (in black, red, greeen...)

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