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2005-03-09, 11:00
>>> Show some initiative ;-)
>>> http://www.geekmods.com/slimp3/g2/index.htm
>> the front. Do you know of any places that will
>> custom make a front panel similar to the one you've
>> made
>>>> bartmaguire (AT) yahoo (DOT) co.uk 03/09/05 12:40 PM >>>


Wow! How cool is that? Has anyone else on the list used this
service before? If so, are there any fpd files to share? I
made up a test front panel and submitted it for order, and the
price was fairly reasonable (to me) at only $27.50. I'll need
to go out and buy and old CD player at a yard sale this
weekend, gut it and start the measuring!

Thanks Bart.