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2005-03-09, 10:00
A true SPI (statefull packet inspection) firewall on most newer higher end
routers would be far preferable to having to open up your router and then
put a firewall on every one of your internal machines.

The truly paranoid will of course do both.

In my experience a good SPI firewall works very well and causes virtually no
latency/impact on network connection speeds from devices behind the

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> Dean or anyone,
> Would the firewall feature in these routers (wireless or
> wired) be good enough so that I can get rid of Zonealarm Pro
> which contributes 10 to 15% more of CPU usage when playing
> Slimserver? If I could get rid of the sw based firewall,
> that would be great.
> I have never tried the firewall in my current wireless router
> (D-Link) as when I tried it once, internet connection was
> just totally shut down (I was too laze to explore as I have
> Zonealarm already). Any tip to use this feature would be
> much appreciated also.
> Thanks in advance.
> Ken
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> On Mar 9, 2005, at 7:05 AM, Ken Hokugo wrote:
> >PS: will somone point me to the "right" 802.11g wireless router? I
> >have to get one first.
> >
> I've been really happy with my Belkin Pre-N router, the
> improvement in range using the MIMO technology is impressive.
> I was able to take down three access points scattered around
> the house and replace it with one Belkin in the basement for
> significantly improved range/performance.
> Not cheap ($129USD) but highly recommended.