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2005-03-09, 07:33
Well, I'm glad to see the FREEPONY made it in there Sean. It's also nice to
see the addition of the eye-candy this time around. People can scoff if
they like, but groovy UV meters bumping out the beat are going to sell more
than a few Squeezeboxes to folks who otherwise might be a competitors

Is anyone interested in my MKI SB? I will sell for $175, pending arrival of
my SB2 of course.

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> Hi everyone,
> Lots of folks noticed that we were running low on inventory,
> spending less time here, and working our butts off on
> SlimServer 6. As suspected, there is a new product.
> Squeezebox2 is in full production now, and the first units
> will ship on March 31.
> Squeezebox2 addresses all of the top performance and
> functionality requests that come up here every day.
> 802.11g/WPA: for better range, compatibility, security, and throughput
> FLAC: for reduced bandwidth usage
> More memory: for better streaming of PCM audio over wireless
> I'm just getting started... don't worry, I'll get to the pony. :)
> Although I don't often contribute to the audiophile
> discussions, I really do enjoy reading them. Regardless of
> who can hear what, the fact is that there are indeed some
> real measurable characteristics such as output levels, THD+N,
> and clock precision where we had room for significant
> improvement. Squeezebox2 has completely done away with all
> the limitations - we're now doing all of the audio decoding
> and DSP work in software, and this gave me the freedom to
> design the digital outputs and analog stages exactly the way
> I wanted them. Please see the FAQ and the hardware specs page
> for details on the new design.
> Among other things, the new design has allowed us to
> implement cross fading and some very impressive visualizers.
> Of course, having it all done in software (on an extremely
> fast processor) leaves the door open for more functionality
> down the road.
> Now some people have pooh-poohed the idea of visualizers as
> just being eye candy, but personally I think a high
> resolution, ultra-fast spectrum analyzer is quite a thing to
> behold. We've got one now - full screen, 64 bands, 30 frames
> per second, and perfectly synced with the audio. There are a
> few visualizers to choose from, including a smaller spectrum
> analyzer and "analog" VU meters.
> Squeezebox2 also has a new vacuum fluorescent display - we
> had it custom designed by Noritake specifically to support
> the ideas we had in mind for new fonts, animations, and
> visualizers. The display is slightly larger physically, and
> has more than twice the resolution at
> 320x32 pixels. It has multiple brightness levels of course,
> but it also has grayscale capability, which we use for the
> visualizers and graphics.
> A few "bonus" features that you might not have expected:
> Dual antennas: Squeezebox2 has both an internal AND an
> external antenna. The 802.11g radio takes advantage of this
> configuration to automatically select the best antenna for
> transmit/receive, optimizing signal strength and vastly
> improving range/throughput.
> Bridging: yes, Squeezebox2 can share its wireless connection
> with a wired ethernet device connected through its (100Mbps)
> ethernet port.
> This allows other devices in the home theatre, such as
> Xboxen, Playstations, Tivos, or HTPCs to connect wirelessly
> to your access point.
> Pony: there is a discount code, "FREEPONY". Enter this on the
> order page to get $20 off on either the wired or the wireless model.
> Finally, a big "thank you" goes to every one of our customers
> and especially the people on this list. Thank you for
> promoting the product, helping us improve it, and suggesting ideas.
> The new web site is up now: http://www.slimdevices.com
> Sean