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2005-03-09, 05:03
Joshua Uziel wrote:
> Damn, I knew I should have waited. I've had my SB1 for a little over a
> month... I love it and it looks like you just fixed all the issues I had
> with it. Any chance on a trade-in program? :)

Well I had a bit of the same feeling, having just hooked up my first SB1
last weekend, and with another SB1s impulse purchased at the clearance price
and not even hooked up yet...

But I'm so delighted with the one I'm using; it still does everything it did
when I bought it; and my ears and music collection don't actually justify
FLAC; and I've already got another old 'b' device on my 'g' network anyway,
..... And as for the second one, it's a wired one that I got for $169 and
it's in my hot little hands now, versus spending $249 in a while... (ah but
wait - there's the free pony - still $60 difference.)

So I've convinced myself that I've still got all the kit I wanted at a good
(and no longer available) price, and should be happy that the company which
creates such great products and provides such great service, is going to
continue to thrive because of these new even greater products.

So. Happy. !

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