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Neil Coburn
2005-03-09, 00:51
See attached

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Subject: [slim] Squeezebox suddenly won't play AAC files

Quoting Neil Coburn <neil.coburn (AT) blueyonder (DOT) co.uk>:

> My Squeezebox has just started skipping through all AAC files (as if
> the fast forward button is held down), though when it reaches an MP3
> it plays fine. I've tried it with and without the lame.exe and dll
> files in the server bin. Software has recently been updated to the
> latest 5.4.1 nightly, and I also have Alienbbc and itunes update
> plugins working fine. Any thoughts?
what does the log output look like with d_source enabled?


2005-03-09, 01:06
Quoting Neil Coburn <neil.coburn (AT) blueyonder (DOT) co.uk>:

> See attached

thanks. Well, good news is that its still recognising the AAC and seems to be
starting playback properly. bad news is that its immediately stopping, and
without showing how in this log. Did you run this command-line or did you grab
the log from the web page?

if you look in that log, where it shows the command line for conversion:
"C:\Documents and Settings\Neil\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes
Music\10,000 Maniacs\Love Among The Ruins\01 Rainy Day.m4a" |
"C:\PROGRA~1\SLIMSE~1\server\Bin\lame.exe" --resample 44100 --silent -q "" -b
320 -r - - |

what happens if you try to use this command line directly at a DOS prompt? I'm
expecting some sort of error from mov123.exe. to simplify, you can even try it
without the last half (the lame.exe part from | to |)