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Richard Scales
2005-03-07, 23:09
After using some PC speakers+sub in the kitchen for a long while - I took
the plunge at ordered some Samson Resolve 50a Active monitors from Boomerang
Sounds in the UK.


Very pleased with them, sound nice, nice size, nicely made - very nice!

Richard Scales

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> Can anyone recommend some good options, that are available in the UK?

I have a Nakamichi "Soundspace 1" executive stereo system; it has a
small form factor (also hangable from the wall), plays CDs and radio,
and of course has the mini plug AUX input necessary to plug your SB in.
It's not a powerhouse of bass or anything like that, but it's got a
beautifully full, detailed sound, a nice remote, and funky blue or green
(or off) LED lighting on the CD portion of the unit.

You can see it at nakamichi.com, if you're willing to make your way
through the awful flash navigation.

Now, I know this is "another CD/tuner system", but since it is so small,
nice, and produces such high quality sound, I thought I'd throw it out
there anyway. Dunno the price, as it was received as a gift.