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Ben Gladstone
2005-03-07, 07:25
wikis are great but using a markup language for formatting is a bit too
retro - adding one of the wysiwyg html editors makes a big difference in
getting more people to add content


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I am a firm believer in Wikis. The one you've chosen - TikiWiki is a bit
daunting for new users, but can be overcome - and is really really
useful. Once it gets started and rolling it can provide a much more
organized way to find out information on slimserver et all, answering
the tedious questions you must get day in and out.

Because I have been gathering bits and pieces recently, and frustrated
at having to search through pages of forum material - very very useful
but difficult to filter, I have taken kdf to heart, and have been
plugging away and editing and adding some wikipages, including putting
up some slimserver documentation. Hope that's ok.

I would suggest you make the wiki a direct link from the header under
http://www.slimdevices.com/dev_* <http://www.slimdevices.com/dev_*>
along with resources/forums/plugins etc


kdf said
I thought the idea of a wiki was to let any jump in and contribute,
making it a
living, organic document? Many of the Slim staff have indicated that
up with the volume of email is hard enough, I would expect overseeing
the wiki
would also be difficult. I would expect, given past expressions on this

subject, that contribtutions are wanted on everything.

If you are willing to accept me as a ad hoc proxy, here is the list of
things I
can think of off the cuff:

Configuration data: compare setups, scan times, etc

linux startup scripts for various flavours (gentoo, Suse keep coming up
on this

Plugin Ideas (great for anyone looking to try out server development but
a concrete idea).

Howto's, for things like FAAD setup, or AlienBBC on mac/windows.


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