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Frank McGeoghegan
2005-03-04, 07:11
Like one of the other contributors I haven't exactly been an angel re P2P. My own experience has been that I tended to sample things from P2P and then buy the CD. Basically this has led to me buying more, rather than less CDs. Also in Glasgow (Scotland) we have a record store chain that allows you to "suck it and see". If you don't like it take it back for either an exchange or a refund. Again this has increased my CD purchases. You would expect them to be taken for a ride however they are one of the most profitably stores. Is there a lesson for the record companies?

Since having ripped all my CDs I no longer want to take the risk of using P2P. I really enjoy browsing in record stores and I know if we concentrate on downloading music record stores will cease to exist. For the same reason I don't use legit sites like iTunes. Maybe the record companies should concentrate on making their product more appealing to joe public.