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Christian Pernegger
2005-03-04, 03:22
I've kept out of this thread until now because most people tend to view my
as a little radical. But here's my cue.

>as a person who has to perform daily in order to meet demands, [...]

A cinema ticket at one of the big movie-houses here costs 8-10 EUR.
The same movie on a DVD will set you back 20 EUR.

In the first case you hopefully get a big screen, nice sound, the cinema
experience but only one showing - fine. But these are essentially canned
goods that cost next to nothing to duplicate. About the only people working
for the money are the cinema staff in the first case. The work's the same
for the artists regardless of the number of DVDs or tickets sold.

A ticket at local theatres (as in live actorst) is 5-15 EUR (low end for
students etc...)

Excuse me?? That money has to pay the theatre staff, the writer, a bunch of
costumes and props people and most of all the actors who have to perform
EVERY EVENING to earn their keep. But who cares, they're all subsidized
anyway... </sarcasm>

The price I have to pay for my entertainment has nothing to do with the work
involved in the first place - so much for artist compensation.

Back to music: musicians who do classical stuff usually get paid for doing
concerts (i. e. performing regularly) and CDs are sold mostly as an income
supplement and a way to get an ensemble known. Sure, I don't think anybody
ever got rich off doing classical but it sure hasn't vanished either.

For mainstream/pop music it seems to me like artists get to make one album
per year, and maybe a tour every two. And for some reason I have the feeling
those are not about music but rather about light shows.

In my eyes music is free in every sense of the word. When I buy a CD I don't
pay for the music, I pay for a way to get the music to get from the artist
to me. In other words, I pay for distribution. IIRC that's what record
companies were created for in the first place.
The problem here is, distribution was a very costly enterprise (producing
and distributing media, maintaining retail chains ...). Even then I didn't
approve of the nation that artists should be able to live off CD sales. Now
the distribution requirement has all but vanished - I'd much rather have a
few .flac files encoded by the artists themselves than a CD. The price of
these should cover the time needed to do the encode and bandwidth cost, but
not more.

If they want to earn my money they're free to WORK and do an open-air in my
general vincinity. Terribly sorry, but the value of something that can be
reproduced for 50 cents is 50 cents.