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Carl Maskelyne
2005-03-04, 00:23
Static IPs are possible with the Netgear you assign the first to your
Netgear router say: and then assign the computers (under the
network connection properties) (upto 254) make sure the sub net
is the same say and put the default gateway of the router in.

You also need to ensure the DHCP service is turned off on the router.

Not sure why you would want to do this though. I have the same Netgear and
dynamic IP's served up by the router seems to work fine for me. Unless you
are running web services?


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Static addressing consists of turning off the DHCP feature and manually
assigning addresses in the same subnet as the router interface.

If the router interface is with a subnet mask of
then you can statically asign anything from through

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> Robin Bowes wrote:
> > 1. I don't have access to it at the moment - I have given
> it to my Mum!
> > 2. I use the Sveasoft firmware, so this may be different to
> the stock
> > Linksys firmware
> According to my harried experience this week, the WRT54G does
> *not* do static addressing with the standard firmware.
> I, too, wanted to assign addresses from the router (rather than
> from within each OS) and although the WRT54G menus imply that
> this works, it doesn't - at least as far as I could tell.
> I could have easily made a mistake, but assigning a MAC address
> to a desired address left me with the first available one in the
> dynamic range each time. Yes, I made sure to assign IPs outside
> the dynamic range.
> [In my efforts to get a newer firmware that allows this feature,
> I apparently bricked my router. Sigh.]
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