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Ken Hokugo
2005-03-03, 22:26
Hi Mike,

I, too, own Big Ben and was first annoyed by the 44.13 issue. But I don't
recall any reset occasion where it actually settled at 44.13 and not
approach further to 44.10. In my case, I tried several times and everytime
the frequency settled at 44.10 in the end after several seconds. But, it
was not stable - meaning, the display remains at 44.10, but "lock" was not

I never checked the channel swap. I should have. But I did not notice it
when I played my favorite track which has the part of sound flow from left
to right. Maybe it just happened to be the good day.

Maybe we need to know what SB1 and SB2 are.
I purchased mine (wireless) last July.

Aside from that, I heard from some tweaker that our PC always outputs 48KHz
and so is SB internal. Therefore, SB downsamples to 44.1 to SPDIF. Is this


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Subject: [slim] Digital Output
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Some interesting observations ... [? :-O]

Those who recall the history of the digital-out-channel-swap bug
will remember that about a year or so ago I spent several hours
doing (amongst other things) successive resets of a Squeezebox
to try to get a handle on the bug ... :-O

[BTW for those who were not on the list at the time,
Sean's conclusion was that the channel-swap bug is unavoidable
(with the current DSP)
- even if, like me, you only play PCM files!
The DSP powers up in 'MP3 mode' so it will always have to
switch (if only once) from 'MP3 mode' to 'PCM mode',
and whether the channels swap or not on that switch
is complete chance (although things do, fortunately,
seem to be biased towards not swapping ... :-)]

I just did the same thing (successive resets) again this evening
but focusing this time on the frequency of the digital out
(as measured, after a reasonable settling time, with an Apogee Big Ben):
most times the Squeezebox I was using would
settle at 44.13KHz but occasionally it would actually be at 44.10KHz.

So is the frequency, like the channel-swap bug, a matter of chance
(within certain limits) ...?

[As an aside I think I noticed, but I was not keeping detailed records of
that most times it settled at 44.10 the channels were swapped ... :-O]

I guess all I have done is confirm what we all knew ...
.... i.e. that the current DSP is not at its best in 'PCM mode'.