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Todd Fields
2005-03-03, 21:27
--- Michael Peters <funkyres (AT) gmail (DOT) com> wrote:

> On Thu, 03 Mar 2005 17:55:09 -0600, Ben Klaas
> > I get new Linux distros from BitTorrent when they come out.
> Everything
> > from the Mozilla foundation has a bittorrent link. So, there
> are
> > definitely non-pirate applications that P2P is good for...
> I have seen P2P used by university students who want to
> colaborate
> with each other on a project and either don't have the

I'm referring to the defendents in this case, Kazaa, Morpheus,
etc., which were pretty much created to compete for all of the
music traders that were all of a sudden Napsterless. I
certainly realize that P2P has it's useful legal applications.
BitTorrent and its successors as well as "hub" based communities
such as Direct Connect may revolutionize data distribution. I
use P2P myself (although I don't use Kazaa or other Gnuntella
networks, not because I'm high and mighty about the legal
aspects, but because I found it difficult to sift through the
crap to find quality stuff.) Please don't misconstrue my
comments to be support for the RIAA's attempt to stop anything
that can transfer a file or pull music off of a disc. I am very
bothered by the music industry's attempts to keep me from doing
what I want with the music I spend my hard earned cash on.