View Full Version : Using external accesspoint to get g format

2005-03-03, 10:13
> No, you're fine--indeed the bus isn't sufficiently fast to
> handle a g PCMCIA card--Jason was just pointing out that if
> you do use a wireless bridge the theoretical throughput of
> wireless G exceeds the throughput of the squeezebox's wired
> nic (making the squeezebox's nic the bottleneck in this
> situation), thus his point that you will not be able to
> realize the full theoretical throughput of wireless G on a
> squeezebox even with a bridge (at most you'll get 10mb
> half-duplex). This won't be a problem, though--clearly 10mb
> half-duplex is plenty fast for the application (haven't heard
> of any bandwidth problems with wired players) and indeed the
> g bridge will perform better than the 802.11b that's built-in
> to the box. You'll probably see practical speeds of ~5mbps
> with b while with the g (depending on your
> environment) you may well fully saturate the available 10mb
> half-duplex bandwidth.

*ding* *ding* we have a winner. Sorry I didn't explain better.