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Charlie Richman
2005-03-03, 08:51
Maybe Iím looking for a magic bullet, but it would be
great to find a more elegant solution to meet
everyoneís needs at our house.

Iím at a pretty low rung on the audiophile ladder, but
I do use older Adcom separates rather than a
mass-market receiver, and I can hear the difference on
my speakers. I prefer to avoid lossy compression (for
me.) Cat5 and a Squeezebox connect to our main

My kids are on the cusp of becoming iPod users, and
are already spending their allowance at the iTunes
store. (I donít much like DRM, but weíre not teaching
them to steal. I know what Iíd need to do to access
the protected aac files, if I chose to do so.) They
use iTunes on their PCs, and 802.11b connections.

Everything is stored on a 160 gigabyte Linkstation
running slimserver. As a former Solaris admin, I know
just enough linux to get myself in trouble.

Hereís my quandary:

I want uncompressed music for my system, but need
light-weight versions for the kidsí wireless
connections and iPods. The simple iTunes interface
works for me. For now Iím using it to rip to wav, and
then exporting the wav to aac in a parallel library
that the kids use.

Itís clunky to maintain both with iTunes, and space is
becoming an issue. Iíd love to rip to a compressed
lossless format with iTunesÖ and have it work with
both slimserver (on the linkstation) and iTunes. I
know that ainít an option.

If I switched to high-bitrate AAC, would the
linkstation have enough horsepower to transcode with
faad2 for me? (Would I be likely to hear the
difference?) Any chance weíll see an apple lossless
decompressor for linux any time soon? Or is there a
simple way to maintain parallel libraries, retaining
the tags iTunes already grabbed, storing the main
library with lossless compression? Iíd rather not rip
everything again.

I also find that my linux slimserver doesnít see
itunes playlist contents, presumably because the
pathnames stored by iTunes/Windows donít match the
pathnames on the linkstation itself. Anybody have a

Thanks folks.

Charlie Richman

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2005-05-16, 22:27
I've had the same question to Apple, but no feedback. Solutions anyone....???
My answer was to create separate smart playlists for the WAV and AAC formats - the new problem is I can't get my SB2 to find these playlists, a reported major bug. :-(