View Full Version : Proposal: more lists

Christian Pernegger
2005-03-03, 05:43
>The current "discuss" list carries a lot of traffic about a wide range of

Evidently. My mailbox hasn't been this full in months.

>Many new slim users are non-technical and don't want to read all the
>technical stuff, or the audiophile threads.

Most people want to learn, I think. If a thread is to technical for someone
they don't have to read it after all. Most mail clients will let you sort
all mailing list traffic in one folder and if one per list isn't enough it
will let you define keywords and sort by those.

In my experience splitting lists just leads to crossposting or starvation of
all but one list. A seperate slim-hardware list for discussion of mods,
DACs, cables, music server hardware ... might work, though.