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2005-03-03, 03:20
on 3/3/05 9:26 am, Robin Bowes wrote

> I'd like to propose that additional mailing lists are created to split
> up the traffic more, particularly on the "general" list. I'd also like
> to see the names of the lists change as indicated below.

Sounded good to me in principle. However, after taking a closer look at
the proposed categories, and looking at recent traffic, I don't think it
would achieve much: I think at least 95% (by thread) of existing messages
would belong on the new 'slim-technical' list. Even adding
"slim-hippophile" wouldn't shave off enough.

We could suggest that people use more tags in the subject line - eg
"[audiophile]" for any message containing the word "DAC", or written by
someone who knows what it means - but realistically we all know that threads

I agree that this list is currently on the edge of usability because it has
so much traffic - but I don't think this split, at least, will work. And I
can't come up with a better proposed split.

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