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Richard Scales
2005-03-03, 00:53
Thanks for the pointers - I should have thought of that myself!

Kind regards

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On Thu, 3 Mar 2005 06:58:18 -0000, Richard Scales
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> Hello, I would really like to be able to extract information such as 'Now
> Playing.' from my slimserver to include on a web page but have
> absolutely no
> idea where to start.
> I can see that I can point a browser to my slimserver web interface
> which is
> visible on the internet, enter my username/password and view that
> information - is there some way that I can code this so that I can
> display
> the information another web site? I appreciate that it might need to get
> past the username/password thing which may render those credentials being
> visible in some viewable source but that aside - can anyone point me in
> the
> direction of some html code that I could plunder to do this?

Did you have a look at the plugins page
(http://www.slimdevices.com/dev_plugins.html). There's some stuff like
slimclass.php, Geeklog etc. which will help you getting the information
you need to your page.



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