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Neil Hastie
2005-03-03, 00:50
Absolutely sure - this is definetely a lock/nolock senario.
The same stream fed to another DAC works perfectly.

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>Subject: [slim] Modifying squeezebox clock
>Date: Wed, 02 Mar 2005 14:31:34 -0800
>Neil Hastie wrote:
>>Hi All,
>>I have some further information regarding this problem.
>>Late last year I was trying to get a freinds MK1 Audio Synthesis DAX to
>>to my Squeezebox. We saw the same problem, A good lock with MP3 streams,
>>no lock at all with FLAC.
>Are you *sure* you aren't seeing any buffer underruns in FLAC/WAV mode? The
>buffer is a lot shorter in raw PCM mode, which makes underruns far more
>likely than in MP3 mode. Even a brief underrun might cause a glitch in the
>S/P-DIF clock that would case your external DAC to have trouble re-locking
>for a while, especially given its tight PLL loop.
>Or you could simply connect the analog outputs on your Squeezebox directly
>to your amplifier and enjoy the music. :-)