View Full Version : cRE: New Squeezebox?

Christopher Jacob
2005-03-02, 16:09
> Then build yourself a mini-ATX PC, or buy a Mac mini and run Softsqueeze.
> The whole point of a Squeezebox is to have a small, light, low-power,
> and **fanless** box that just plays music and plays it well. I think the
> current design is just fine, though it took me a while to get used to
> the complete lack of local controls on the box. I soon realized I'd
> probably never use them anyway. Heck I hardly even use the IR remote, as
> a web browser on a wireless laptop is usually much faster.
> The key to a successful product like this is keeping it simple!

Not to beat a dead horse joke... :P but I was being sarcastic.