View Full Version : "Attack on Micheal / Linspire" ( was MP3 Beamer)

Tim Morley
2005-03-02, 03:25
This may be seen as slightly off topic, but I feel the need to put the record straight with you all.

Firstly I would like to appologise that my meaning was mis-understood.
Secondly I did not see Micheals first post the other day and therefore incorrectly assumed he was "sneaking in"?; you all know how many messages go through this list!

My points were not meant as a direct attack at Micheal, not in any way. I was mearly trying to get a users opinion across who had liked the look of Linspire as it was promoted as an easy version of Linux. I, as many others, would love to dump Mr Gates on as many machines as possible at home (5 PC's get expensive when you trty to be legal!)

I applaud what Micheal and Linspire are trying to do; but found it difficult to work with once I needed to do more than the basic read web pages etc. Maybe these will change with version 5.0, I do not know.

It was the combination of Slimserver being available on Linux and Linspire that made me want to move across and give it a go. I did spend quite a few hours of my "spare time" (if there is such a thing!) really trying to get up and running. I got the basic system going, but just could not get it to see a new hard drive which was going to be my MP3 storage. In the end I felt that time was just wasted. I did have a few Linux guys try to help me sort it out but still got nowhere. All I could keep thinking was with windows once the disc is formatted it is seen and you can use it!

So maybe Ill try again soon with 5.0.

As for the MP3 beamer, it does look a great idea. Will it work with a Slimpy? How long before somebody writes a patch. Now this could be very good, I know people have asked for a server for their slimpy that they can just put cds into and it does everything for them!