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Dan Sully
2005-03-02, 02:44
This is the second alpha release of SlimServer 6.0 -

First of all - thank you for all the bug reports, they are invaluable in this process.

We've been working hard this past week addressing all of the issues since the
first alpha. If you had a problem with the first release, it's most likely
been fixed. Our known issues and changes are listed below.

Download here: http://www.slimdevices.com/downloads/SlimServer_v6.0a2/

Remember - please file any bug reports on http://bugs.slimdevices.com/



SlimServer 6.0 Alpha 2 Release Notes:

Usability & Features:

* Fixed composerInArtists preference setting.

* Handle group discs properly.

* Browsing tracks in Music Folder was broken in Default skin, now fixed.

* Added links to Default skin to add/play all songs from Advanced Search.

* Patch from Adrian to optimise SBG scrolling animations.
Adds a new setting for the number of pixels to shift on each step of the animation.

Internet Radio:

* radioIO new channels: 70's Pop, 80's Pop, Country.

Performance & Memory usage:

* Try to use the faster Template::Stash::XS module for template parsing.

* Use weaken() if available to make sure we don't have any circular references in the caches.

Platform Support:

* Add NetBSD XS modules from Jason Holtzapple.

* Win32: Changes to socketwrapper from Adrian.
Use a named pipe to deal with helper applications that can't write to stdout.
The name of the pipe is sent as the output file argument to the helper app.

* Removed sparc-linux, solaris, solaris64 Time::HiRes modules.

* Update Time::HiRes to v1.66

Backend Database:

* Update to DBD::SQLite 1.08 / SQLite 3.13 - performance improvements.

* Handheld update from Michael Herger

* Removed ExBrowse skin, in favor of ExBrowse2

Known Issues:

* Artists or Albums with '*' in the string cause the Player UI to behave strangely.

* MusicMagic connection settings need to be exposed when plugin is enabled, even
though connection cannot be established.

* Not all skins have been updated to use browsedb. (xmlTelCanto may be broken.)

Bugs fixed:

# 44 - Browse new music - available in the Player & Web UI.

#376 - Music folder path should be fixed per platform.

#583 - Music Folder setting is case sensitive.

#717 - Using external cuesheets results in duplicate entries in the db.

#803 - Ogg tracks cause the server to die with an SQL error.

#848 - Duplicate genres where capitalisation differs.

#849 - Double artist and composer shown.

#851 - Can't use parameters containing spaces in CLI.

#853 - Advanced search switches chosen player to default player.

#854 - Fishbone skin defaults to livesearch.

#856 - 99% CPU - Update the genre & artist objects at the same time as the song for MusicMagic.

#857 - Slimserver dies under Debian stable.

#863 - Can't call method "id" on an undefined value.

#868 - Browse by album crashes slimserver / MoodLogic & MusicMagic import.

#870 - iTunes db problem crashes windows service.

#871 - Pressing add while displaying an album in song info causes the server to lock up and hog CPU.

#876 - SlimServer crashes when changing groupdiscs option, which does not work.

#880 - Update to DBD::SQLite-1.08 / SQLite 3.1.3

#881 - Alphabetic inconsistencies.

#883 - Now Playing playlist not always saved correctly.

#887 - Changing language on latest 6.0 nightly causes server to crash.

Dan Sully
2005-03-02, 10:36
* Jason shaped the electrons to say...

>This might be a stupid question, but is there a readme, etc, that explains
>what all has to be installed to make this work? I'm guessing I will have to
>load SQL of some flavor and possibly a new Perl version on my Linux machine
>to have a go at this new version.

Jason - we include SQLite, which is an embedded database for the following systems:

Windows 2000, XP
OS X 10.2, 10.3
RedHat 9 (8 may work too) & Fedora Core
Debian stable, unstable
SuSE 9
NetBSD i386
Buffalo Linkstation/Kurobox (ppc-linux 5.6)

What OS and perl version are you running?

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Geoff Bonallack
2005-03-02, 11:21
Dan Sully wrote:
> Jason - we include SQLite

Is it possible for the end user to change the back-end database engine
that is used, without any major code changes? For example, I have a
copy of SQL Server that I use for other stuff, and it would be nice to
incorporate my music DB into this too. I'm running XP.