View Full Version : Best slimserver version to start with?

Christian Pernegger
2005-03-01, 15:02
>I've finally got the hardware more or less sorted out: now, what version of
>SlimServer should I install to get started with?

Since you obviously aren't interested in bleeding edge for the sake of
tinkering and finding bugs, ask yourself if you _need_ any of the new
features in 6.x. I have found the (limited) Unicode support, DB and the
ability to browse by directory on the 'box indispensible. The latter lets
you access newly ripped music without a rescan und the DB... well, if it
crashes you at least don't have to rescan :)

If you don't need any of this by all means stick with 5.4.0 for the time
being. (Never tried the 5.4.1 branch)


>I think this means a choice between 5.4.0, which is the 'official' choice;
>and a 5.4.1 'nightly'. It doesn't seem like I want to be on the 6.0
>bleeding edge yet. What I want is the most stable, basically reliable
>choice; I don't need the fanciest plug-ins etc (though in time I want to
>AlienBBC working). First task is just to get this working as 'better than
>having all the CDs around' (local conditions mean that I have to do this as
>straight swap, CD player becoming almost inaccesible, but replaced with SB)
>and convince my technophobe spouse that I haven't bought some magic beans.
>So whatever's least likely to reboot, dropout etc.
>I've seen a comment somewhere on the list to suggest that the nightly
>are under promoted, because (the 5.4.1 ones) are basically more stable than
>their billing on the slim site would suggest. Would the list agree, or
>would I better to go with the stock 5.4.0 for now, and stick there until
>either I've gained greatly in confidence, or 6.0 is released as a public
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