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2005-03-01, 13:02

My wife is a tehnophobe as well, so much so that we made it into
The Parade Magazine last November (shameless plug) for the use
of our squeezeboxen...

You can see a portion of the huge pile of CDs the squeezebox
replaced on the floor in the middle of the shot. I've bought
probably 100 more CDs since then, mostly from yard
sales. I've even started recording my albums and tapes
as well.

Anyway, go with the latest 5.4.1 nightly. It is fairly stable and
not much is changing. I've been running the nightly from Friday,
2/25 without incident. Wife has only noticed that she has many
more foreign language internet stations than she had under the
5.4.0 official release.

6.0 is way crazy at this point. It has calmed down a lot in the last
two weeks, but it is still not for the faint of heart. I would guess
that the 5.4.1 nightly from this morning is more stable than
the 5.4.0 release from a few months ago.

Gentleman, start your ripping!


>>> benr_ml (AT) cogapp (DOT) com 03/01/05 2:41 PM >>>
I've finally got the hardware more or less sorted out: now, what
version of
SlimServer should I install to get started with?

I think this means a choice between 5.4.0, which is the 'official'
and a 5.4.1 'nightly'. It doesn't seem like I want to be on the 6.0
bleeding edge yet. What I want is the most stable, basically reliable
choice; I don't need the fanciest plug-ins etc (though in time I want
to get
AlienBBC working). First task is just to get this working as 'better
having all the CDs around' (local conditions mean that I have to do
this as
straight swap, CD player becoming almost inaccesible, but replaced with
and convince my technophobe spouse that I haven't bought some magic
So whatever's least likely to reboot, dropout etc.

I've seen a comment somewhere on the list to suggest that the nightly
are under promoted, because (the 5.4.1 ones) are basically more stable
their billing on the slim site would suggest. Would the list agree,
would I better to go with the stock 5.4.0 for now, and stick there
either I've gained greatly in confidence, or 6.0 is released as a


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