View Full Version : More comments on MP3beamer

Dave Owen
2005-03-01, 10:47
Just wanted to throw my two cents in:

First, yeah, the attack was inappropriate for this mailing list.
However, if Michael and Tim want to go rounds on a forum elsewhere, I'll
take a ticket. ;)

Second: Michael, I appreciate your taking the time to post; obviously,
not everyone agrees with what you're attempting to do, but I personally
feel that one of the nicest things about open source development -- even
when there's an underlying profit motive -- is that people at all levels
get involved. The fact that you've taken the time to stop by is just
another encouraging example of this, as I doubt Scott Nealy or Steve
Ballmer would ever post to this list (or notice the existence of it, for
that matter).

Incidentally, I do have a small issue regarding your distribution that I
would like to have a brief discussion on, something that prevented me
from using your distribution on several of my machines, and that your
technical support essentially said "too bad" about; if you would be
willing to exchange an email on the subject off this list, kindly
contact me at dave at owenville dot net.