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Arthur Cheng
2005-03-01, 10:14
Can you just replace the PCMCIA card inside with one that support G?

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Subject: [slim] New Squeezebox?

Buy a wired one and a wireless g adapter. Much better and more
reliable. I have a wireless squeezebox, yet I still use a separate
adapter because I like having everything running at full G speeds.


>>> tom (AT) tomgoodacre (DOT) com 02/28/05 7:57 PM >>>

I am thinking of purchasing a wireless squeezebox but have found that
are quite difficult to get hold of in the UK. When I look at the
website I see there is a 6-8 week wait for the wireless version. This
suggests to be that there a new version to soon be released. A retailer
the UK also said he suspected this assumption was also true. Slim
won't tell me either way for sure.

Does anyone know what the plan is for the new squeezebox? Will it look
massively different? Will it be much MUCH better? I want one now but
know if I should wait for the new version to be released after all it
is a
lot of money that I'll be spending.

Would be great if someone could shed some light on this matter....any


2005-03-01, 10:21
Quoting Arthur Cheng <artcheng (AT) netvigator (DOT) com>:

> Can you just replace the PCMCIA card inside with one that support G?
No. 802.11G requires a wider bus than the one designed into the squeezebox, and
wider than the cpu inside the squeezebox can handle.