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2005-03-01, 08:37
All goods are liable for VAT unless they are *shipped* from within
Europe. So, if a retailer (say, slimdevices.com) has a distribution
point in Europe, customers would not have to pay the ~50Euro, levy
and/or the brokerage (read "courier rip-off") fee.

Its also interesting to note that due to the tremendous volumes of
snail mail, in transit around the world, it is very unusual for it to
be examined for duties which may due! Give us a g'damn snail mail
option on the order form please!!


>Yes, all goods incoming to the UK are liable for import duty & VAT.
Even gifts. Forgot to >mention - there are different duty rates for
different classes of product...
>The limit is a value of around the 18UKP mark (inc shipping), can't
remember exactly.