View Full Version : Modifying squeezebox clock

Julian Alden-Salter
2005-03-01, 00:24

>What difference do you hear?

Without launching off into audiophile rambling about 'inner detail' and
'timbre'. The dpa just sounded more realistic, detail was easier to hear and
transients (i.e. drum strikes) had more impact whilst the squeezebox sounded
muffled in comparison. I'd have no qualms about trying to discern the
differences in a double blind test and I'd be pretty damn confident that I'd
be able to get a statistically significant result telling the two apart. To
give myself a bit of leeway with hyperbolae - the difference was like night
and day. The fact that 4 of us were in total agreement (even though the
tests were sighted and we all have wildly different tastes in music and
systems at home) should give some clue as to the magnitude of the

>Erm, mp3s are lossy so they will inevitably sound "worse". How are you

I'm not actually talking about sound quality here - flac/pcm still has the
legs on mp3 (just at 320 but it's a tough call at that bit rate). As I said
before my dac has low and high quality locks - one for high jitter signals
which isn't very picky and can lock onto pretty much any standard digital
signal you throw at it. There is also a higher quality lock which will only
'XLOCK' if the signal received is low enough jitter / high enough quality.
Mp3's and the transports tested all 'XLOCK'ed. Flac / pcm's do not. This is
100% verifiable and consistent and not subject to any subjectivity - I can
post pics somewhere if you like.

>I've got to say, the Tent clock chip upgrade looks very appealing. I'm
>planning an upgrade to my Art DI/O (4 x ALWSR PSUs: +/-15V, +5V digital
>and +5V analogue) and I might slip a clock chip upgrade in too.

>Let me know how you get on.

I'm going to be borrowing a prototype alwsr psu specifically designed for
the squeezebox in the near future. I'm not sure how big a difference it will
make as I feel a psu will mostly benefit the analogue output stage. I tried
a monarchy dip reclocking device but this made little or no difference so it
looks like the tent clock will be my next thing to try but the casing issue
makes things difficult.