View Full Version : Modifying squeezebox clock

Christian Pernegger
2005-02-28, 16:23
>Check again. You may have been *thinking* reclocking, but you didn't
>mention it.
>That relates to buffering, which is *not* what we're talking about; at
>least, it's not what *I'm*
>talking about.

Once you use a buffer / FIFO you'll want to read what was written to it and
you'll want to do that in sync with a clock signal - that's the whole point
of buffering in the first place. Did you think I wanted to poll the poor
buffer at arbitrary intervals and then pass on whatever was in there as fast
as possible. (I almost want to know how that sounds now :))

>That's one solution, but not the only one. A clock chip upgrade (29 + 12v
>PSU) might be more

Possibly. Not for me once you factor in I'll probably butcher three
squeezeboxes in the process.

>Erm, audiophiles aren't always idiots with bottomless pits of money to
>throw at snake-oil solutions.

Ah, they are not? I stand corrected and apologize for having you pegged as
one after the "de-magnetize your CDs" site.