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2005-02-28, 14:19
Sounds like the hardware has failed.

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> Okay, I'm having a strange problem with one of my Slimp3
> units. I searched the archives and didn't find anything
> similar, so here goes:
> All of a sudden today it decided that it didn't want to play
> anything anymore. I tried to stream an internet radio
> station and it after it switched to the "Now Playing" screen,
> it would crash, and I'd have to power cycle the Slimp3. So,
> I tried playing some local MP3s, but this time there was
> about a half second burst of song, and then the display
> started cycling rapidly between "Network now
> connected"..."Network is Disconnected..." until I eventually
> power cycled it.
> Long story short, thinking a network problem I tried this
> where another known good Slimp3 is in the house, and same
> problem there. I tried a number of things (cables, duplex
> settings) and all resulted either in a frozen Slimp3, or the
> connected/disconnected cycle. Time to out a sniffer on it.
> Looked like after the 3rd packet in the MPEG data stream, the
> Slimp3 stopped ACKing the packets, and wouldn't respond to
> any other updates either.
> Power cycle again, and I tried pinging it -- no problems, it
> displayed the ping on the screen, and I got a response.
> Tried pinging large (1400
> byte) packets and it would display them on screen, but would
> not respond. Kept steeping down until I got to 273 byte
> packets (315 bytes with overhead), to which it would respond.
> If I went up one to 274 byte packets (316 bytes w/
> overhead), it would not. I have an ethereal trace if anyone
> wants to see it.
> Strange eh?
> My first though was to do a firmware update, thinking maybe
> something got buggered up in there, but I'm fearful of doing
> this and having it choke once it starts getting data.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Brian