View Full Version : Odd Slimp3 problem.

Brian R. Swan
2005-02-28, 13:25
Okay, I'm having a strange problem with one of my Slimp3 units. I
searched the archives and didn't find anything similar, so here goes:

All of a sudden today it decided that it didn't want to play anything
anymore. I tried to stream an internet radio station and it after it
switched to the "Now Playing" screen, it would crash, and I'd have to
power cycle the Slimp3. So, I tried playing some local MP3s, but this
time there was about a half second burst of song, and then the display
started cycling rapidly between "Network now connected"..."Network is
Disconnected..." until I eventually power cycled it.

Long story short, thinking a network problem I tried this where another
known good Slimp3 is in the house, and same problem there. I tried a
number of things (cables, duplex settings) and all resulted either in a
frozen Slimp3, or the connected/disconnected cycle. Time to out a
sniffer on it. Looked like after the 3rd packet in the MPEG data
stream, the Slimp3 stopped ACKing the packets, and wouldn't respond to
any other updates either.

Power cycle again, and I tried pinging it -- no problems, it displayed
the ping on the screen, and I got a response. Tried pinging large (1400
byte) packets and it would display them on screen, but would not
respond. Kept steeping down until I got to 273 byte packets (315 bytes
with overhead), to which it would respond. If I went up one to 274 byte
packets (316 bytes w/ overhead), it would not. I have an ethereal trace
if anyone wants to see it.

Strange eh?

My first though was to do a firmware update, thinking maybe something
got buggered up in there, but I'm fearful of doing this and having it
choke once it starts getting data.

Any ideas?