View Full Version : Modifying squeezebox clock

Christian Pernegger
2005-02-28, 07:04
>I have noticed that the slim box uses Micronas MAS3539F chip with and
>clock of 18.432M. I would if an replacement of this clock will reduce
>jitter and improve performance to give a truly audiophile results?

Disclaimer: I'm not an expert ...

but I don't quite see what replacing the clock chip would help. From some of
the previous messages I gather that the jitter is a lot higher with .flac
than with .mp3. I haven't decided on a DAC yet, so I can't test it myself
but how does raw PCM / .wav fare?
The amount of jitter at the SqueezeBox's output should depend almost
exclusively on the capacity of the buffer used. The higher the used bitrate,
the greater the chance of a buffer underrun if your network or server can't
deliver the data at exactly the right time. You need about 4 times the
buffer of even a very high quality mp3 vs formats that are transmitted
uncompressed like .flac.
Upgrading the buffer in the Squeezebox is likely tricky, but a buffer in
your DAC has exactly the same effect. (Beats me why not all DACs have one -
RAM costs next to nothing) In that case the DAC will show jitter at the
input but it won't be there at the output.