View Full Version : (again) Problem: Lost contact with SlimServer

jan van mourik
2005-02-27, 21:32
Hi all,

OK, this has been asked over and again, and now I'm going to do it again...
First, I'm running Slimserver on Windows Xp with SP2. Got my SB a week ago,
installed it, it worked great. Until...
Tonight I wanted to play some music, it didn't work. It showed it was playing,
but no sound came out! So I tried turning it off and back on, go through the
configuration, and get it back up. But that didn't work, it found my
slimserver, but then it gave me that dreaded message: "Problem: Lost contact
with SlimServer. Check that the software is running". I figured it was the
wireless connection, so I hooked it up with cable. No luck, still the same.
Then I turned off my Windows firewall, tried again, still no luck. Mind you, my
softsqueeze is working fine, on the same pc as the slimserver.
Since I also have a little (Gentoo) linux box, I put the Slimserver software on
it, ftp-ed a couple of mp3s, started up slimserver.pl... Went to my SB,
configured it again, pointed to my linux box and voila, it worked ?!?!?!? What
Somehow my XP PC slimserver can't be contacted reliably, but my Linux
slimserver is working fine. Has anybody seen this behaviour? My XP firewall has
exceptions for SlimServer 3483 tcp and udp and 9000 tcp.

Thanks for any info,

jan van mourik

jan van mourik
2005-02-27, 22:25
Duh, this was dumm...

I changed this yesterday:
Home / Server Settings / Security ==> Block Incoming Connections
and entered the wrong IP address under "Allowed IP Addresses".

Since I didn''t bounce the SlimServer yesterday, but did bounce my pc
this morning I didn't realize I made this mistake until I was browsing
through the settings just now..


Oh well, it works again...

jan van mourik