View Full Version : switched to wireless -- now squeezebox reboots at random

2005-02-27, 07:44
Yes, that's what I meant. It also might be worthwhile to update the router
to the latest version of firmware provided by the manufacturer. Issues like
this are frequently corrected in firmware updates and it's not unusual for 6
firmware updates to be released within a year of the product being shipped.

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> Quoting JMK VTX <kennedy (AT) vtxnet (DOT) ch>:
> > Could you please explain what specifically you mean when
> you referred
> > to "defaulting the config"?
> >
> I believe Jason was suggesting that you reset your router to
> factory defaults.
> There is usually a feature in the settings for routers that
> allow you to restore every setting to the state it would be
> in when you purchase the product at the store. see your
> users manual for specific details on how to do this with your
> specific router.
> -kdf