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2005-02-26, 23:55
Originally, all the files I play were referenced through Windows shortcuts.
To make sure this wasn't an issue, I ran some tests where I changed the
source to not include shortcuts. I get the same problem.

Attached is a short .txt file with a fragment of the output of an example
attempt to play a wma with d_source debugging ON. The example is an attempt
to play a Beatles song. It looks like it gets all the way down to the
command for conversion before it hits the "stream failed" error. It repeats
itself many times (not included). Does this help?

Vidur Apparao wrote:

> sales at cutrell.org <http://lists.slimdevices.com/lists/listinfo/discuss>
>> The native WMA to wav streaming does not seem to work at all for me.
>> On both my Squeezebox and on SoftSqueeze (on the same machine as the
>> SlimServer), SlimServer gives me the following error:
>> Opening stream failed with error code 0x80070003
>> When I try to play an album of wma files, the player interface just
>> skips from file to file and won't play anything. I can't find any
>> similar error in the message board archives or any similar problem.
>> Does anyone have any idea what might be going on? I am running
>> WinXPSP2, and WMP 10. The wma files have no DRM & range from ~96 kbps
>> to rather high VBR.
>> Any help?
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Error 80070003 "Path not found error"
> I'm actually wondering if your problem isn't a format/codec issue, but
> a path encoding or parsing error somewhere along the way to wmadec.
> What's an example path to one of your WMA files? Are there any Windows
> shortcuts involved?

Also, if you can run with the --d_source debugging flag, the log should
show you the command line sent to wmadec. That'll tell us whether the
path is getting mangled before getting to wmadec.