View Full Version : Inaccurate time problem SOLVED (was Slimbox-Newbiewithquestions)

Christopher Jacob
2005-02-26, 18:17
That is awesome... Not that you had the problem, just that it was something
so "needle in the haystack-ish" and you found it!


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> Subject: Inaccurate time problem SOLVED (was [slim] Slimbox-Newbie
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> Hi again and sorry to reply to myself ...
> The problems that I had, i. e.
> - strange behaviour of the "next letter" timeout in searches via remote
> - displayed stuff on the squeezebox vanishing too quickly
> - wildly fluctuationg time with the daylight screensaver
> were all caused by a glitch in the server's time source. A 'watch -n 1 -d
> ntptime', while crude, showed the same skewed results. Apparently most
> reasonably modern CPU have TSC capability, which basically means using the
> CPU's clock generator as an accurate time source. I had 'AMD 76x native
> power management' in my .config, which seems to change frequency on the
> fly
> without notifying the timers -> go figure.
> The same could happen with any other kind of non-cpufreq throttling - if
> you
> don't want to disable it, disabling TSC altogether (kernel option + notsc
> boot option) works, but is not recommended.
> C.