View Full Version : Special Characters Bug

G a b o r
2005-02-26, 15:19
I am testing the SlimServer 6.0a1 nightly build from 2/26/05.
For the most part I am very happy with the stability of this build,
however, there is one bug that is really hindering it.
I am using the Fishbone Interface, and the problem is, that special
characters (other than the 26 alphabet letters/or numbers), cause the
browse artwork to come to a screeching halt. Artwork is never shown
(and causes other artwork to not show up) on the browse page, however,
if you click on the "cover marker", the artwork will show up with the
album track listing. An example of words that cause this error would be
Queensrÿche, Björk, 10¢ Wings. Other than that, I could live with this
version, as it get more and more stable. Thanks