View Full Version : Problems running SoftSqueeze with FC3

Patrick Dixon
2005-02-26, 08:27
Please be patient with me, it's a long time since I've used Unix/Linux and
I'm trying out FC3 to see what I'm missing.

I've downloaded SoftSqueeze and installed in /usr/local/SoftSqueeze,
downloaded Java 1.5 (only to find it was already installed in /usr/java/jre

I'm now trying to run SoftSqueeze from the SoftSqueeze directory by
executing java -jar SoftSqueeze.jar

After a long message about this script being a placeholder, I get a message
saying "Failed to find SoftSqueeze libraries".

So what am I doing wrong? I can't find any other instructions for
installing and running SoftSqueeze. Assuming I can actually get it to run
at all, how do I get it to run by double-clicking?