View Full Version : switched to wireless -- now squeezebox reboots at random

2005-02-26, 07:51
If what you are saying is correct then the squeezebox is only having
problems when connected to the internet. Maybe the firewall or packet
filtering behavior of your access point is the problem. Maybe you should
try defaulting the config on it and see if that has an effect.


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If this is user error, I'd like to be the first to have someone show me
where I've erred. At the SB will play for hours w/o a problem; other times
(and almost exclusively when when playing Internet Radio) it will reboot and
recommence playing. It's extremely annoying. My wife will not bother anymore
using the SB; I put up with it and fumble for solutions like changing the
router (was using Sonicwall SOHO2 router/firewall with Linksys WAP11; now
using a TrendNet TEW-435BRM), changing the wireless channel, changing the
WEP encryption, changing from SS as service to SS as application. etc.
Indeed, changing to the Trendnet all-in-1 applicance resolved a problem I
has in being able to have the SB download the genre list from Live365.

So short of my anticipated move from my current 13 story apartment to a
house in the country next month, where we'll see if has to do with the
microwaves, cordless phones, other WIFI networks in the same building (I
currently count 2 plus my own that I can detect), I too am at a loss for how
this problem can be resolved. Just to reiterate, it in my case it seems
related to playing internet radio through the wireless SB; ripped CDs seems
to never or virtually never have this problem.

Of course, should some enlightened soul be able to guide me in the right
direction, I'll post the "success story" on these pages.


J. Kennedy