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2005-02-25, 19:51
That is way a lot of squeezebox user on the Tact forum use Big Ben to reduce the jitter!
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> 主旨: [slim] Bit-correct digital out on Squeezebox?
> Hi,
> I use an audio synthesis dax decade with my squeezebox. I must first point
> out that I'm extremely happy with the replay however a few weeks ago I
> invited some friends round to have a listen to the squeezebox and compare it
> to a couple of dedicated transports. The other transports were from dpa and
> Arcam both of which were judged (subjectively) to be better than the
> squeezebox by all present. Not a very scientific test I know but I agreed
> with the consensus and to my ears it wasn't a small margin.
> Now in the ultimate scheme of things a squeezebox / dac combo will blow a
> lot cd players away even some seriously expensive ones however I believe
> that it's jitter performance - especially with flac's is less than great.
> I say this because my dac (the aforementioned dax decade) has 2 methods of
> locking onto the digital signal - one which can lock onto low quality / high
> jitter signals and one that will lock onto better quality / low jitter
> signals. This is denoted by the display of lock or xlock in the dac's
> display.
> Without fail if I play flacs I only get a lock however if I play mp3's
> either native or transcoded from flacs I get the higher quality xlock.
> What's going on, I'm not sure but it seems to me that there is more
> performance within the squeezebox than is currently accessible.
> I'm currently looking into the possibility of improving the clock within the
> squeezebox which may help things.
> Of course for 200 quid it's a fantastic bit of kit but I don't think it's
> going to replace a true high end transport just yet. For me however the
> convenience of having my entire music library on hand far outweigh what at
> the end of the day is a 30%ish difference in quality.
> Cheers
> Julian.
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> > I am thinking about playing an uncompressed WAV, recording the signal at
> the
> > digital output and comparing the recording with the original WAV.
> >
> >
> Be careful when you are doing so - a lot of sound cards will resample
> digital input.
> AC97 cards do, for example (or so I've been told)
> I believe M-Audio Audiophile 2496 does not, I don't know about their
> other models.
> Again, that is what I've been told. I have not done any testing
> myself, mp3 at 192VBR is good enough for me (though I do archive
> lossless in flac).
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