View Full Version : Linux box to stream music, interface look familiar?

Dave Owen
2005-02-25, 16:32
Not to harp on the same old string, but I just posted this in the
MP3Beamer forum that the MP3Beamer site points to, which is hosted on
the Linspire site:

- - - - -

I currently own a copy of Linspire and have it running on a machine
successfully, so I have no desire to buy MP3Beamer's software package
(which comes with another copy of Linspire). I'd rather just get the
rest of the software.

I have looked at screenshots of the application in action, and read the
description of the software's capabilities (the back end, not the
syncing software) and it appears to be based on SlimServer, which is
freely available.

Is this accurate? Also, if so, does anyone know what enhancements (other
than syncing, branding and easy Linspire installation) have been made?

- - - - -

Hopefully someone will provide a straight answer, and we'll all be
better informed. :)

(fwiw, I actually do have a copy of Linspire that I purchased running on
one of my machines -- and I would consider purchasing their software if
it came chock-full of useful enhancements. Here's hoping -- and hoping
that if it does, they'll roll it back to the main branch of SlimServer.)

Also worth noting: they display your email address in this forum, and
there's no way to turn it off! Really, really annoying. :(