View Full Version : Linux box to stream music, interface look familiar?

Dave Owen
2005-02-25, 16:11
So, probably a few things to do here:

#1: someone should set up a web page (linked from SlimDevices.com, so it
hits the search engines quickly) that talks about this product by name
and how it is based on SlimServer, which is freely available. Hopefully
some of the consumers that are considering the software-only purchase
and do a bit of research will find the page and realize they might be
wasting money.

#2: someone should ask them if the source is included with purchase,
since "it's just a reskin of SlimServer anyway". Either they'll deny it,
acknowledge it, or ignore it -- but we need to know which before action
can be taken or judgement can be made.

I will say this: hopefully they'll use the resources to improve it, then
release the improvements back to the SlimServer project. After all,
that's what this whole GPL thing is all about. :)