View Full Version : Slimbox-Newbie with questions

Christian Pernegger
2005-02-25, 15:28
>While I don't know that I am much help with the rest of your post, the on
>thing that I would point out is that the version you are running (6.0a) is
>considered alpha at best. Not that it doesn't work well, but it is not
>for "production" release.
>You may consider dropping back to the current production release and see if
>this fixes your usability problems

I'd prefer to be able to use the stable version, but with no unicode support
on the server and no "browse music folder" option on the box I wouldn't be
able to listen to my Japanese tracks at all. FWIW, I tried 5.4.0 and it's
exactly the same.

My very limited perl reading skills showed that the timer that jumps to the
next letter is basically an alarm that triggers at a certain absolute time,
not some predefined "seconds from now". Considering that the clock display
on the device is off by 3 seconds at times the other issues don't surprise
According to the code it should be impossible to get a "=>" in the middle of
a Input.Text string... I get them anyway. Will test some more tomorrow.

Anyway, thanks for the welcome!