View Full Version : Slimbox-Newbie with questions

Christopher Jacob
2005-02-25, 14:51
> I just received my Squeezebox yesterday, and so far I love it!

Glad to hear it. Welcome to the community...
> First of all a bit about my configuration:
> SlimServer 6.0a 2005-02-25, generic tarball
> server machine: Dual 1.6 GHz Athlon MP, 1 GB RAM
> The Squeezebox is bridged into my WLAN via an AirPort Express :)

While I don't know that I am much help with the rest of your post, the on
thing that I would point out is that the version you are running (6.0a) is
considered alpha at best. Not that it doesn't work well, but it is not ready
for "production" release.

You may consider dropping back to the current production release and see if
this fixes your usability problems then you can decide if you want to stay
with the solid (but less feature rich) version or jump back to the bleeding
edge (and prone to some problems) version.

What ever you decide, you will get great support from the community.